Back to Travel #3: Using Makeup to Wake Up Jet Lagged Skin

Back to Travel #3: Using Makeup to Wake Up Jet Lagged Skin

Our friend, Brooklyn-based Aesthetic Living maestro of Carlo Geraci, shares his makeup tips for perking up jet lagged skin that may be looking a little worse for the wear.


Back to Travel #3:This is the third of our multipart Mineral Air series looking at skin as we’re starting to travel again.


We always enjoy talking to Carlo Geraci because he not only has an incredible eye (in beauty, in food, in interior design) but loves to share his practical tips on making beauty work. An avid traveler himself, he’s got some helpful insights on using makeup to minimize the signs of jet lag.

Hydrate and hydrate some more

“I know everyone talks about hydration,” Carlo says, “but I can’t emphasize enough how important it is both inside and out. One major feature of jet lagged is skin that looks sallow and dull, and this holds true for every ethnicity. In fact, it’s dehydration manifesting here because flying sucks the moisture out of all body tissues including the skin which in turn drains the face of its bloom and glow. So when you land–and throughout your trip–even before putting on makeup, keep drinking water (and avoid caffeine if you possibly can since it’s a dehydrating diuretic). And of course on the outside, quick mists of Mineral Air Skin Renewal Serum will soothe thirsty skin throughout the day as well as before and after applying makeup.”

Makeup with a light touch

Carlo begins his anti-jet lag makeup advice with a cautionary word, “I’m all about natural-looking makeup where skin looks like skin. Unfortunately with things like auto tune and Photoshop, I see so many women end up looking rather strange IRL in their pursuit of the ‘perfection’ they see online. Over-correction is the result, which ends up making you look worse rather than better because it calls attention to flaws or discoloration you were trying to make disappear.


“Let’s take jet lag for example,” he continues. “Puffy, tired looking eyes with dark circles are very common. Having a heavy hand with foundation, concealer and sometimes powder can give the appearance of overworked skin. A much better–and natural looking–alternative is to do a little color correction with a light mist of Mineral Air on the undereye area first–either in a slightly lighter color than your own or just your customary color–and finish with your natural color. I would much rather see a hint of undereye darkness because that’s what real skin does. Improving the picture is enough.”

E3 application for glow on the go

Carlo’s secret for adding oomph to jet lagged skin–which works equally as well to get a few more days from a fading tan–uses Mineral Air. It’s called the E3 application and here’s how you do it.


A) Begin with bronzer.

1) Starting at the upper right corner of your face at the hairline (but not into the hair), in a leftward direction mist along the top of the forehead until you get to the upper left corner. That’s the top bar of the E.
2) Mist downward along the temple and trace a loop around the cheekbone where it meets the nose, ending back at the temple just at your ear. That’s the middle bar of the E.
3) Mist down along the jaw and then at the joint across the in a rightward direction to the right jaw joint. That’s the bottom bar of the E.
4) Then on the right side of your face (this is the ‘3’ part), you’ll do the reverse: Up to the ear, inward loop around the cheekbone and back to the temple, up the hairline to the corner where you started.


B) Follow with full face (this time including the nose) misting of your regular Mineral Air makeup color.


C) Mist on Mineral Air blush on the apples of your cheeks.

What’s the difference?

Mineral Air offers two device-plus-formula categories, one for makeup, the other for skincare.
Mineral Air original (MA) includes its AirMist Device, an easy to use, everyday consumer tool that rivals professional airbrushing in its cosmetic application of our eponymous foundation, blush, or bronzer. Mineral Air Skin (MAS) features the Renewal Serum System with its ElixerMist Device for lightweight vaporized delivery.

“One major feature of jet lagged is skin that looks sallow and dull, and this holds true for every ethnicity. In fact, it’s dehydration manifesting here.”


Carlo Geraci
Professional beauty expert
IG @carlosays

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