Best and Beautiful Bridal Makeup for IRL and in Photos

Best and Beautiful Bridal Makeup for IRL and in Photos

Aesthetic Living ace of Carlo Geraci, fills us in on what looks best on brides, blushing or not

From faces to environments, Brooklyn-based Carlo Geraci knows his way around beauty as an in-demand makeup artist, a brilliant designer of tablescapes, a talented interior designer and a popular blogger. 

Steeped in visuals as he is, however, when working with brides, bridesmaids and mothers-of-the-betrothed, it is a practical matter that he addresses first.

“You have to think of a wedding in terms of a really strenuous work day,” he advises. ”Depending on how long the dancing goes on, a bride’s makeup might have to last over 10 fairly rigorous hours, complete with kissing, eating, dancing and maybe even a tear or two. Under normal circumstances, let alone a wedding, after 10 hours the face gets tired and the makeup gets tired.”


Good timing

“Longevity is an important reason for keeping bridal makeup soft, fresh and light,” Carlo continues, “Whether you hire a professional makeup artist or do your own, lightweight, natural-looking coverage that stays put for hours (just like we can get with Mineral Air )is the gold standard of what you want to achieve.”

Depending on your arrangement, a bridal makeup artist won’t usually stick around for the whole wedding. He or she may stay for a quick touch up after the ceremony and before the reception, but after that, you’re on your own with maybe a little lipstick to slip into your bag.

Carlo concludes, “When wedding makeup is done right, it’s going to have real lasting power. And because it’s been applied with a light hand, it’s a lot more forgiving over time than a heavier, painted look. The only refreshing you should. need is to reapply your peach or pink lip color every few hours." 


Think pretty, go natural

Freshness, softness and approachability are also the most appropriate makeup looks in a wedding context too, no matter the age of the bride or how many times she’s walked down the aisle. The same holds for every woman in the bridal party (as well as the guests too.) 

Carlo notes that emphasizing beauty of the complexion is first and foremost and that blusher or bronzer should be applied with a light hand.

“It’s all about the skin.” says Carlo, “I can’t emphasize this enough, a wedding is not the place for a smokey eye, high fashion editorial maquillage or over-the-top contouring. Brides want to hear that they look beautiful, not that their makeup looks amazing,”

Find plenty tips for achieving a natural look with lots of staying power. Click here and we’ll take you right to it.


“It’s all about the skin. Brides want to hear that they look beautiful, not that their makeup looks amazing.”

Carlo Geraci
Professional beauty expert




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