Under Eye Rescue #3: Non-Surgical Bussolyft Threading

Under Eye Rescue #3: Non-Surgical Bussolyft Threading

Miami and Beverly Hills-based dermatologist Mariano Busso, MD has perfected the thread lift technique for those who want to permanently ease dark under the eye circles and hollowness.


Undereye Rescue #3: This is the final of our Mineral Air series looking at challenges and solutions to undereye issues from a top makeup artist, respected aesthetician and renowned dermatologist.


In previous generations, if you wanted to permanently improve the structure of your under eye tissue you had to go to a plastic surgeon. No more. We bring news of the thread lift.


Says dermatologist Dr. Mariano Busso, “As good as reversable fillers (like hyaluronic acid) and neuromodulators (such as Botox) are for plumping and relaxing, they can’t undo years of gravitational stress on the tissues that result in concavity (hollowness) and dark circles. Most dark circles indicate a thinning of the skin so what you’re actually seeing is the blood under the surface (which is blue as it is without oxygen; it only turns red when it hits the oxygen in the air.) In micro-seconds, dark circles draw attention to the area and impart the impression of aging.”


Thread lifts are the latest rejuvenation technique that are reaping superb, natural looking results under the eyes (as well as the rest of the face). Using surgically-safe suturing material, Dr. Busso has developed his own proprietary and trademarked thread lift called the BussoLyft. Peer reviewed, he teaches his advanced technique at professional conferences to other physicians.


“For the BussoLyft,” Dr. Busso notes, “every thread insertion requires twelve careful decisions (from placement, tension analysis etc.) on the part of the practitioner to optimize the outcome. The tissue shift for dark circles and hollowness indicates the downward migration of fat. What we do is use the threads to reposition the fat back to its previous position from decades earlier. By following the anatomy, we establish more structural support and a vertical lift of the cheek. The result is immediately visible but over three months the body builds its own collagen in the revised position while at the same time the threads slowly dissolve. The patient is left with support from her own regenerated structural tissue and no foreign material left in the body over the long run.”


Undergoing a BussoLyft for the under eyes reaps another reward too. “Once we reposition the cheek fat upward,” explains Dr. Busso, “It automatically eliminates, or at least minimizes, the naso-labial fold too.”


After the procedure, you’ll want to avoid touching your face and sleep on your back (which you should be doing anyway) as you heal. After that, touchless Mineral Air foundation application is safe and easy to mist on your newfound structural finessing.



What’s the difference?

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“Thread lifts are the latest rejuvenation technique that are reaping superb, natural looking results under the eyes (as well as the rest of the face).


Mariano Busso, MD
Miami, FL and Beverly Hills, CA

W drbusso.com
IG @drbusso

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