Fix Your Eyes and Brows with Mineral Air

Fix Your Eyes and Brows with Mineral Air

Utah-based makeup artist and educator Michael Bondi shows us some of his favorite eye makeup tricks using Mineral Air Four-in-One Foundation. Photo by Jason Clark at


Says our friend and makeup artist maven Michael Bondi, “Mineral Air is a lot more versatile than simply a device for applying flawless foundation and subtle blush. In fact, because the Four-in-One foundation formula contains both primer and concealers, it’s incredibly useful for other makeup applications as well, particularly around the eyes.”

Here are some of Michael’s top tips.

1) Mist over the eyelids and eyelashes...and do it twice if need be.

“Eyelids have all kinds of pigment going on, from broken capillaries to other redness to darkened skin,” says Michael, “which ends up competing with any eyeshadow color you may be applying. Often times clients will complain that a shadow color doesn’t look as good in person as it does in the photo or in the pan. But this might be because of the eyelids themselves. By misting over a good coat or two of Mineral Air foundation, you’re creating an even, neutral canvas upon which the eyeshadows can look its truest. Think how gesso prepares a canvas and you get the picture. Plus, both your shadow and liner will go on smoother and stay on longer without caking, creasing or cracking. If oily lids are a problem, the Mineral Air Setting Mattifier is safe to use here too.

“And you needn’t worry about the eyelashes getting coated either,” he continues. “It’ll work quite nicely as a clump-free lash primer. Just apply your mascara right over your dusted lashes and you’re good to go.”

2) Redraw sloppy ‘lockdown brows’

Michael notes, “Here’s a quick makeup artist trick using Mineral Air for better brows if there’s no time to color, tweeze or shape that can be adapted for eyebrows that have been neglected during lockdown. First, hit your brows with Mineral Air until they ‘disappear’ into your skin. Then you can use any combination of pencil, powder or gel you like to draw on the shape you like.

“I’ve also been advising my clients to experiment with new shapes as their brows grow out. Under normal circumstances, this might not be practical. But now, why not? There aren’t a lot of upsides to being stuck indoors but maybe new eyebrows could count as one of them. And of course, you could always Marie Kondo all your makeup too.”

3) Ooomph up the glow on skin of color

While heavy contouring can look fake and not a little scary, a bit of strategic Mineral Air misting can look phenomenal but still perfectly natural. “This one,” reports Michael, “is particularly good on medium to darker pigmented skin. First, mist on a smooth coat of your regular Four-in-One Foundation color. Then, using just one shade lighter than your usual, mist a thin line down the bridge of the nose, in the center of the forehead and on highest part of either cheekbone. The effect is subtle but absolutely beautiful.”


“Here’s a quick makeup artist trick for better brows using Mineral Air if there’s no time to color, tweeze or shape that can be adapted for eyebrows that have been neglected during lockdown.”


Michael Bondi
Makeup artist and educator
IG @bondi.michael

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