How to Use Makeup So You Don’t Look Like You Have a Hangover

How to Use Makeup So You Don’t  Look Like You Have a Hangover

Geoffrey Rodriguez, a favorite fashion, beauty and celebrity makeup artist based in Los Angeles, helps you make the best of a post-party face that had way too much fun last night. Photo by Richard Pier-Petit, makeup by Geoffrey Rodriguez.

‘Tis the season to wake up the morning after a night of being jolly with a gruesome hangover and moan, “OMG, what was I thinking when drinking?” And you’ll certainly get no joy looking in the mirror either.

Renowned makeup artist Geoffrey Rodriguez has always seen skin care and makeup as a true partnership. “Though a professional can perform visual miracles with makeup,” he says, “It gets a whole lot easier when the skin quality is there. So if you want to become skilled at cosmetic application on your own, I also ask that you pay as much attention to your skin care and overall health as you do with your device, brush, sponge and pencil skills."

Geoffrey notes a few other paradigms; 1) beautiful skin is healthy skin 2) skin health reflects overall health 3) the health of your skin with a hangover has been compromised

“When it comes to doing your makeup while in the throes of a hangover,” he continues, ”It follows that your first big step is to do what you can do for both your body and your skin. A healthy response here begins with massive doses of rehydration, both internally and externally, but there are a few other things that will help too.”

The night before

Cocktail consumption doesn’t happen in a vacuum but often is accompanied by a few other skin-unfriendly features.

“Alcohol on its own,” Geoffrey says, “Is very high in sugar which over time weakens the immune system and triggers inflammation in the skin, among other unhappy results. At the same time, holiday parties are filled with sugary treats are nearly impossible to resist. Alcohol’s disinhibiting effects make it very easy to overindulge in ways you normally wouldn’t. One thing’s for sure, no one’s ever gotten tipsy on the punch and headed for the celery sticks.”

“Plus,” he notes, “When you’ve had too much to drink, there’s a tendency to forget about removing your makeup or washing your face properly – let alone doing your normal night’s skin care regimen – before going to sleep which can to all sorts of skin problems.”

Action plan:
• Before you go out, have a light meal.
• Start drinking water now and have as much as you can throughout the evening.
• Have your remover wipes ready (even if you have to put them on your bed or side table) and everything you need for proper cleansing.
• Have your night regimen products, and include hyaluronic acid serum, ready to go (again, even if you have to lay them out on a washcloth on your bed).

This is your face on a hangover

When you have a hangover, the health of your whole body is taking a hit. Feeling horrible is a result of extreme dehydration, interrupted sleep and a toxin called acetaldehyde, a metabolic by-product that occurs as the body breaks down alcohol. A hangover’s signature headache, nausea and malaise will persist until the body’s lymphatic system has fully flushed the acetaldehyde out of your system.

Meanwhile, none of this is a picnic for your face. Geoffrey notes that the most common skin symptoms of a hangover include dry, flaky skin, puffy eyes, dark circles, inflammation, enlarged pores and rough texture. Before even thinking of applying makeup, here are Geoffrey’s suggestions to pretty the picture.

Action plan for your body:
• IMBIBE WATER FOR DEHYDRATED SYSTEM: Throughout the day continually sip as much water as you can stand. This will help your lymphatic system do its work. If plain water turns your stomach, mint tea or lemon squeezed into hot water will work equally as well.

Action plan for your face:
1. STEAM TO PREP: Boil a pot of water and drop in a 2 drops of rose or lavender essential oil. Turn off the stove. Hold your newly cleansed face and neck over the steam for 5 to 10 minutes. If you need to turn the stove on to get the steam going again, do so, but for safety’s sake avoid holding your face over the pot while it’s heating.
2. ROSE BLEND TO CALM INFLAMMATION: Combine a few drops of rosewater (Geoffrey likes Heritage Store’s Rose Petals Rosewater) and a rose-infused moisturizer (like Dr. Hauschka’s Rose Day Cream) in your palms – to the consistency of a thin lotion – and pat liberally onto the face without rubbing it in. Leave it on for 5 minutes to absorb, then pat it off with a towel.
3. TEA BAG COMPRESSES FOR EYES: To bring down puffiness and help reduce dark circles, squeeze out the liquid of two tea bags and chill in the refrigerator for 10 minutes. Caffeinated black or green teas will work equally well. Apply one to each eye, lay down and relax for 15 to 20 minutes.
4. HYALURONIC ACID TO HYDRATE: After your tea and roses, apply an intense moisture-holding hyaluronic serum. There are a lot of good ones available on the market at all prices. (We particularly like Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum,  or Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Serum).

Mineral Air in the picture

Geoffrey’s note of wisdom on makeup during a hangover, “Since there tends to be skin redness and inflammation along with the dryness during a hangover, I recommend avoiding blush at this time. Also, a lighter more natural look will work best; this is not the time to go all out with a smoky eye or high fashion contouring. The goal here is to get your skin looking as even as you can with as light a touch as possible.”

Mineral Air’s Four-in-One Foundation, with its infusion of hyaluronic acid, fits the bill perfectly. Furthermore, its micronized primer and concealer can help smooth out the rougher texture of fine lines and enlarged pores. Best of all, even with a hangover’s headache, eyes out of focus and shaky hands, Mineral Air’s AirMist Device enables you to apply your foundation smoothly and evenly with an expert touch. And all is well with the world.

“. . . a healthy response here is to begin with massive doses of rehydration, both internally and externally, but there are a few other things you can do that will help too.”


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