Makeup Artist Tips for a Fast Professional Finish

Makeup Artist Tips for a Fast Professional Finish

Celebrity makeup artist and beauty blogger Therese Williams fills us in on how to achieve a beautiful professional polish with your foundation.

From celebrity red carpet appearances to hot music videos – think everyone from the Pussycat Dolls to Mel B. – and including glossy print editorials, you’ve probably already seen Los Angeles-based 
Therese Williams’ work.  For the last 20 years, Therese has been the music-industry’s go-to makeup artist. 

But it’s not just her glam-squad credentials that have influenced this mother-of-four’s makeup philosophy. She books plenty of weddings and gives informative one-on-one makeup lessons to non-performers too (that can be booked through her

“In our present day era of fast fashion,” says Therese, “We also live in a time where women of all ages want fast beauty without compromise. We want it fast but we want it beautiful. Thanks to social media, we’ve all become much more critical and raised the bar as far as our beauty expectations.”

Here are a few of Therese’s top tips that go a long way to achieving a professional makeup artist look:

1) Apply your makeup in the correct order, that is, eyes first.
Says Therese, “Most people start by applying their foundation first but this is a mistake. You want to do your brows and eyes first so that any product that flakes down on your face can be wiped away easily without destroying your base. Follow the eyes with bronzer of blush and finish off with lip gloss.”

2) Skin should look like skin.
Says Therese: “The goal is to have a complexion that looks dewy, glowing and refreshed. Even if you do use foundation, it shouldn’t look that way. This means using a light touch whether you’re using Mineral Air, brushes, sponges or your fingers.”

3) Make sure your foundation and blush or bronzer are seamlessly blended.
Says Therese, “When we look straight on in the mirror, we’re not getting an accurate picture of what we really look like in three dimensions. So many women stop their foundation, blush or bronzer right at the jawline which gives them a mask-like look. Mineral Air makes blending super easy because you can just run it down over the jawline and onto the neck for a perfect blend.”

4) Use less eyeshadow than you think you should and more mascara than you think you should.
Says Therese: “For everyday makeup, all you need is one subtle neutral that you blend up from the crease. On the other hand, I advocate A LOT of mascara. Apply at least three coats; then when you think your lashes can’t hold any more, give them one more layer on top of that.”

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“Skin should look like skin. Even if you do use foundation, it shouldn’t look that way.”


Therese Williams
Celebrity makeup artist



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