Mineral Air’s Truly Superior Airbrush Makeup Application

Mineral Air’s Truly Superior Airbrush Makeup Application

Celebrity makeup maestro Michael Bondi, Director and Lead Instructor at the Blush School of Makeup in San Francisco, takes us through a bit of airbrush cosmetic history


Renowned makeup artist Michael Bondi remembers the bad old days of cosmetic airbrushing, “The equipment was heavy to lug around, awkward, difficult to use and required a reliable power source which made working location shoots nearly impossible. But because airbrushing’s minute particles gave celebrities a super smooth skin surface that looked amazing in print, those of us who were skilled at operating the temperamental equipment were very much in demand. And because celebrities were getting their foundation airbrushed on, everyone else wanted to have the same, insider star treatment too.”

Truthfully though, while traditional airbrushing’s ultra-matte application could look great on film, it left something to be desired when used for performance, red carpet, live appearances or weddings. “Even when traditional airbrush makeup was perfect,” recalls Michael, “It still felt heavy on the skin, didn’t move particularly well and was very unforgiving. Once you set something down, it was there for good and couldn’t be modified. Mineral Air has changed all that.”


Enter Mineral Air
Mineral Air has literally changed the way Michael approaches foundation application. “Once I started using Mineral Air in my makeup kit, I gave all my airbrush equipment away and I tell my students that the Mineral Air system is all they need. You get the same coverage as with an airbrush but the Mineral Air device is totally portable, feels much lighter on the skin, imparts and appealing luminosity and is a snap to change colors.”

Michael also appreciates how Mineral Air enables even non-professionals achieve an immaculate, fully-blended airbrushed look. A few insights:


- Start your Mineral Air application on the mid-face and feather outward on each side toward each ear.

Says Michael:  “Everyone has unevenness in the midface and around the nose, whether it’s pigment or redness.”

- Feel confident in going in and correcting your Mineral Air foundation or blush if you need to.

Says Michael: Because Mineral Air takes a minute to set, you have a workable window of time where you can go in and buff it out with a brush if you’ve been a little heavy handed or want to sheer up the look.”

- Clean your Mineral Air device more than you think you need to.

Says Michael: “This is my professional makeup artist training here where we sterilize everything after each use. Cleaning your Mineral Air is so easy you have absolutely no excuse not to do it.”

Looking for more tips for achieving that super smooth airbrush look? Click here and we’ll take you right to it.


“Even when traditional airbrush makeup was perfect, it still felt heavy on the skin, didn’t move particularly well and was very unforgiving. Mineral Air changed all that.”

Michael Bondi
Director of Education
And Lead Instructor
Blush School of Makeup

W blushschoolofmakeup.edu
IG  @blushschoolofmakeup
Mineral Air

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