Of MAS (Renewal) and Men; 7 Reasons Why Gentlemen Like It

Of MAS (Renewal) and Men; 7 Reasons Why Gentlemen Like It

Brandon Cross, makeup artist, skincare expert and digital content creator, shares why MAS Renewal is the thumb-sized piece of equipment every gentleman’s face will find useful.
Illustration for Mineral Air by @GREENK_JPN.


“When guys are looking for multi-tasking grooming tools for their skin,” says our friend Brandon Cross, “the first thing I recommend is the Mineral Air Skin Renewal Serum Skincare System (i.e. MAS Renewal). The epitome of micronized misting technology and housed in its quick slide ElixerMist Device, it’s skincare disguised as a rapid refresher, soother and refiner all in one.”


1) MAS Renewal is versatile.

“It’s amazing everything this thing can do and on all skin types,” says Brandon. “You can use it before or after you cleanse, as an amazing pre-shave surface emollient, as an after shave moisturizer, as a post-sunburn soother, as an all-day refreshing cool off spray, as a cooling mist of tension relief as needed and as a night time hydrating treatment. And it’s not restricted to your face either; the skin on your neck (front and back), hands and chest can all benefit too.”


2) MAS Renewal is nourishing.

Micronized for ultra-absorption, MAS Renewal is enriched with epidermal growth factor (EGF) and hyaluronic acid. “Hyaluronic acid is the big skincare ingredient these days,” says Brandon, “because it’s a naturally-occurring substance in our own skin. As such, it’s completely skin friendly. What it does is pull moisture deep under the surface which plumps it up, smooths it out, relieves dryness and helps neutralize signs of aging. It also imparts a subtle, yet oil-free, glow that on a man’s face looks healthy and masculine.”


3) MAS Renewal lightweight and refreshing.

Totally greaseless, the micronized mist means you don’t have to worry about sticky product build up.


4) MAS Renewal is portable.

“Clocking in at a full 4-1/4” (10.5 cm) tall, MAS Renewal is compact enough to toss in your backpack, gym bag, suitcase or desk drawer at work. And it’s TSA compatible too.”


5) MAS Renewal is totally hygienic.

Because it’s a mist delivered by device, your fingers never touch your face nor touch the product itself.


6) MAS Renewal is a snap to use.

“If you can work a breath spray, you can handle MAS Renewal,” says Brandon. “Flick up the quick slide lid with your thumb and the device will start misting; thirty seconds later, it switches off automatically and you’re done. If you want to do more, just flick it again.”


7) MAS Renewal is a breeze to maintain.

Brandon concludes, “If you can charge an iPhone, you can charge your MAS Renewal with its own USB. To refill is just a matter of staying within the MAX line on the tank and you’re good to go.”

What’s the difference?

Mineral Air offers two device-plus-formula categories, one for makeup, the other for skincare.
Mineral Air original (MA) includes its AirMist Device, an easy to use, everyday consumer tool that rivals professional airbrushing in its cosmetic application of our eponymous foundation, blush, or bronzer. Mineral Air Skin (MAS) features the Renewal Serum System with its ElixerMist Device for lightweight vaporized delivery.

“If you can work a breath spray, you can handle MAS Renewal. Flick up the quick slide lid with your thumb and the device will start misting. Thirty seconds later it switches off automatically and you’re done.”


Brandon Cross
Digital Content Creator
Global makeup artist
IG @itsbrandoncross

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