Oh Mama! 5 Things to Reassure New Mothers About Their Skin

Oh Mama! 5 Things to Reassure New Mothers About Their Skin

Advanced aesthetics educator and CEO/Founder of Control Corrective Skincare & Global Beauty private label offers brand new moms some sound skincare advice to help you sleep easier. Illustration for Mineral Air by @GREENK_JPN.


Your birth labor is done, the baby is home and the next-18-years-of-your-life labors are about to kick in. But as you see your infant getting cuter and cuter by the day as she grows, your skin most definitely is...not? What to do?


Ellen Clark, top aesthetics educator and founder of Control Corrector Skincare Systems, and a mother herself as it happens, wants to reassure you that you will reclaim your good skin. Probably not immediately, but most definitely down the road. All those beautiful moms running around are proof positive that your skin’s upheaval is not forever.


1) Post-natal skin upheaval is normal and hormonal as is nursing.

“The thing with a hormonal cascade,” Ellen notes, “is that it can be triggered by stress be it physical or emotional. Childbirth is the one of the biggest stresses a human body can endure. Likewise, a lack of sleep is physically very stressful too. And then there’s the mountain stress that a huge upheaval in life as you know it causes, particularly if it’s a first child.


“What this does,” she continues, “is make whatever your particular skin vulnerabilities may be become more intense. So if you’re acne-prone, you’ll break out more. If you’re dry, you’ll get even more parched. If you’re oily, your face will feel like an oil factory. Or if you’re rosacea-prone, hello redness. This is normal and is a function of the skin’s protective barrier being compromised.”


2) For the first 3 months, don’t even think of topical resurfacing or rejuvenating products.

Says Ellen, “Even if you have breakouts, put aside any heavy rejuvenating, exfoliating or acne treatment products – and this includes AHAs, benzoyl peroxide or any of the retinoids – for at least 3 months or so. Some pediatric dermatologists have noticed that these harsher chemicals can rub off on a newborn’s skin and cause an eczemic, allergic or a burning reaction. The last thing you want is have your snuggles and cuddles hurt your baby’s skin. If you want to use a clay mask every now and then though, that’s fine.”


3) By all means keep cleansing, moisturizing and sunscreening.

“The key to skin health is to balance, normalize and hydrate,” Ellen explains. “So even if you can’t do heavy improvement now, you can still work on those three. Look for products that are mild and fragrance-free. No matter what you use though, wait at least 20 minutes after application before holding your baby up to your face.”


4) Hydrate inside and out

Red, dehydrated skin tends to itch and even hurt. Ellen says that despite our best efforts we have a tendency to touch it when it’s inflamed which makes it even worse and spreads bacteria too. So hands off! To balance the skin, drink tons of water and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate with safe ingredients like hyaluronic acid.


5) Mineral Air in the picture

Of course for a new mom, Mineral Air Skin’s soothing, hydrating Renewal Serum Skincare System is going to be your skin’s new best friend. Thanks to the superfine ElixerMist delivery device, the whole dose is 30-seconds of totally touchless hyaluronic-acid infused humectant that absorbs in an instant.


5) Hang in there

“In my experience,” concludes Ellen, “most of my clients who are new mothers don’t even think about getting a professional facial for at least 3 months. But if getting a deep clean or soothing treatment (or even better a full body massage) is something you want to do now, go right ahead. Just keep things like laser treatments or deeper peels on the back burner for now.” Oh, and congratulations!

What’s the difference?

Mineral Air offers two device-plus-formula categories, one for makeup, the other for skincare.
Mineral Air original (MA) includes its AirMist Device, an easy to use, everyday consumer tool that rivals professional airbrushing in its cosmetic application of our eponymous foundation, blush, or bronzer. Mineral Air Skin (MAS) features the Renewal Serum System with its ElixerMist Device for lightweight vaporized delivery.

“Red, dehydrated skin tends to itch and even hurt. Despite our best efforts we have a tendency to touch it when it’s inflamed which makes it even worse and spreads bacteria too. So hands off!”


Ellen Clark
Aesthetics educator and
CEO/Founder of Control
Corrective Skincare Systems
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