Under Eye Rescue #2: Aesthetic Remedies from Marion Simms

Under Eye Rescue #2: Aesthetic Remedies from Marion Simms

Marion Simms. aesthetician and owner of Skin Sense Wellness day spa in Los Angeles, shares a multitude of solutions for under eye woes.


Under Eye Rescue #2: This is the second of our Mineral Air series looking at challenges and solutions to under eye issues from a top makeup artist, respected aesthetician and renowned dermatologist.


“For my clients at the spa, the eyes – and particularly under the eyes –” says Marion Simms of Skin Sense Wellness, “and the neck are the areas where there is the most anxiety. Dark circles, puffiness and fine lines are the three most common complaints. The not-so-good news is that much of these are genetic and may not be amenable to complete erasure. The good news though is that all are negotiable. We may not be able to get rid of them completely, but we can certainly lessen their visibility.”


Fairer skin dark circles are often caused by thinning skin, that is, you can actually see the blood pooling underneath.


Dark circles, puffiness & fine lines

As different as these three conditions look, Marion’s treatment modality for both is the same.

AESTHETICS APPROACH: “I use a peptide product to boost circulation and encourage collagen and elastin growth as well. For this I’ve developed a four-part procedure to make the tissue most receptive. First I start with galvanic current, then a thermal microcurrent wand, then a gentle massage and top it off with a refrigerated gel mask like Lost Baggage Under Eye Emergency Repair Mask by BioRepublic.”


HOME WORKS: “Sodium, sugar, stress and sleeplessness lead to under eye puffiness and fine lines so whatever you can do to minimize or mitigate those will be helpful,” says Marion, “My favorite at-home treatment for puffy eyes is a jade roller. If your puffiness is caused by too much salt, no sleep, or pre-period (or any other kind actually) stress, refrigerate it first. If your puffiness is triggered by allergies, gently heat the roller in warm water taking care that it’s not too hot. For both, you’re always going to start at the temple and gently roll your strokes inward towards the nose.


“Since both dark circles and puffiness are caused by lack of circulation (in both the circulatory and lymphatic systems), I advise exercising regularly and sleeping on your back without too many pillows to get the fluids moving. I also recommend 10 minutes of daily inversion. It’s as easy as hanging upside down off the side of your bed. Once you get used to it, you can meditate at the same time.”


Lines & wrinkles

Marion notes, “The preventive power of large lensed UV protective sunglasses (or glasses of you wear spectacles) will be of value here to prevent squinting. As for SPF, at the corners you can use whatever you’re using on the rest of your face as long as you avoid the super-sensitive area closest to the nostrils. Also, get blue light filters for all your devices or wear blue light blocking glasses to reduce eye strain, skin cell damage and unwanted pigmentation.”


Products & cleansing

“Whatever you do,” advises Marion, “only use products specifically formulated for the eye area in the eye area. Because the skin under the eyes is so fine and lacks many oil glands, it’s all too easy for other products – creams, oils, serums – to block the pores there and cause little grainy cysts called milia. You don’t want these because they have removed by a dermatologist with an electric needle or laser.


“Thorough cleansing is also critical,” she continues, “for the health and safety of the skin, your eyelashes and your vision. My favorite is Guinot Express Eye Make-Up Remover.”


As for refreshment and rejuvenation, Marion recommends Guinot Eye Fresh Cream for daytime that has a little built-in spatula for easy application. For evenings, she suggests Circadia Myo-Cyte+ Anti-Wrinkle Serum around the outside corners of the under eyes only. Or Circadia offers a very nice dual-product package called Full Circle containing separate day and night formulas. And the Lost Baggage Under Eye Emergency Repair Mask by BioRepublic she uses in her treatments is easily available and great for an at-home pick-me-up.


Finally, since hyaluronic acid and aloe are so nourishing to the skin and encourage peptide bio-availabilty, Mineral Air Skin Renewal Serum System is your under eye’s new best friend. The vapor is micronized so it absorbs immediately. Use it when your eyes are feeling stressed or before you apply any rejuvenating products.



What’s the difference?

Mineral Air offers two device-plus-formula categories, one for makeup, the other for skincare.
Mineral Air original (MA) includes its AirMist Device, an easy to use, everyday consumer tool that rivals professional airbrushing in its cosmetic application of our eponymous foundation, blush, or bronzer.
Mineral Air Skin (MAS) features the Renewal Serum System with its ElixerMist Device for lightweight vaporized delivery.

“Whatever you do, only use products specifically formulated for the eye area in the eye area.


Marion Simms
Founder, Skin Sense Wellness

W skinsensewellness.com
IG @marion_simms_skinsen

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