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A-List Movie Makeup Artist Nicki Ledermann’s Teleconferencing Tips

A-List Movie Makeup Artist Nicki Ledermann’s Teleconferencing Tips

Award-winning department head and makeup designer Nicki Ledermann (Joker, The Irishman, The Devil Wears Prada, Sex in the City and so many more) delivers some useful cosmetics insights for WFH video conferencing during this coronavirus era . . . and beyond.


As recently as two months back, if you worked in an office but had never worked from home, you likely do now. And if you didn’t Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or GoToMeeting for work before, you probably do that now too. Through this, you may have learned the hard way that taking a professional meeting via video is a way different animal than posting on Instagram.

Our friend Nicki Ledermann has some comforting and sensible words of wisdom.

Lighten up

Nicki notes that her personal taste is for a very light, natural look which is why she likes Mineral Air so much. “Skin should look like skin, not makeup,” she notes. “Bring your mirror into natural light – either by standing by a window, on a balcony or if you’re lucky enough to have a yard, outside – to judge your makeup. If your foundation seems to disappear so that what you see is skin, you’re doing it right. If your blush looks like just a subtle hint of a wash, you’re right on the money there too.”


Adjust your eye

“I suggest staying away from highlighting or contouring here,” says Nicki. “We have to be careful not to judge our video appearance by the same metric as we do a still photo or even a selfie. They are very different things. What may look beautiful or dramatic in a still shot (or professional film or video shoot for that matter) can easily look overdone or even clownish on a conference call.”


Eyes, brows and lips

All features benefit with subtle definition and a less-is-more application. As always, let your mirror in natural light be your guide. For lips she says it’s a matter of personal taste and mood, “A bold lip color on a clean face can look wonderful or a sheer close-to-your lips hue is beautiful too.”


Play with your beauty

Nicki concludes, “Now is the time that you might actually have the time to experiment, find some new looks or hone a few new skills. Let’s say you’ve never managed to learn putting on a liquid eyeliner cat eye or applying false eyelashes. I guarantee that if you try every morning for two or three weeks straight, you’ll master it like a pro.”


Other resources

The internet is full of great advice for teleconferencing.  Here are 3 of our favorites:

Positioning – Fashion designer Tom Ford’s advice is getting TONS of coverage worldwide.


Clothing – Wardrobe stylist Carolyn Martin’s wise and practical insights on YouTube’s Small Business Show


General ­– From Guardian Australia



“We have to be careful not to judge our video appearance by the same metric as we do a still photo or even a selfie. They are very different things.”


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